Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Party Report

I had a fantastic time at my virtual birthday party, on Saturday! I hope that the rest of you enjoyed it, too! I confess that having the party was a bit of a last minute decision, which I made on the evening before my birthday. I realised that it was far too late to post an open invitation on my blog, so I decided to call in at the site of each person, who had commented on my blog, during the past month, as it seemed likely that they would be most interested in coming along, and leave an invitation. I only tend to post once a week, so I felt that this would be an achievable task.

I was halfway through my hurried preparations, however, when my student son rang to ask if we would be able to pick him up from the railway station, as he wanted to come home for the weekend. He was unable to get a direct train to the station closest to us, due to the late hour, so, 'to cut a long story short', the resulting journey, to a city we hadn't visited for years, took 3 hours out of my busy schedule!

I scheduled my party blog to publish at 6am on 7th June, but I was incredibly irritated, when I found out, a while later, that the post hadn't published, at all, and, in spite of my best efforts, I couldn't persuade it to do so. I didn't discover that it had finally published itself, until I published a second post, so I deleted the first one, in disgust! I don't understand what went wrong. The computer clock showed the correct time and agreed with the settings time in my blog. I set the publishing time correctly in my post. A third time setting must have controlled the situation from somewhere.

Another irritating thing I found, as usual, was that my spacing had disappeared, between paragraphs, after inserting the pictures. The spacing always appears perfectly in edit mode, but as soon as I publish the post, the spacing disappears. No amount of re-editing makes any difference. The final annoying thing was that, when I published the first 3 comments, mob's comment disappeared into cyberspace. I assume that this was because it had been attached to the first blog, which I had deleted! Anyway, enough moaning!

All other aspects of my birthday were great. I had lovely cards, telephone calls, presents and some very welcome cash. I went out for a very enjoyable meal, with my family, in the evening and, as those of you who were able to attend, already know, my virtual birthday party was an extremely lively event.

Frog brought along some wonderful food and delightful party bags, which she sells on her own website, incidentally. She drank far too much shandy, however, partly due to her uncontrollable excitement and partly due to some encouragement from milla, which resulted in a nasty attack of hiccoughs. Maggie may sent everyone sprawling, in her eagerness to reach the party food, but presented me with the cutest rat-in-a-box, for my birthday! The rat has made itself at home in my second best hat and, no doubt, we will soon be hearing the patter of tiny feet.

Blogthatmama beat off all defenders and managed to eat the whole of the pineapple from the top of the party jelly. I noticed, as she left the party, that she was carrying a hat which looked remarkably similar, to my own best hat. I was very pleased to receive a visit from lehners in france (Debs), but I noticed that she was also wearing a hat when she left, which she hadn't been wearing on her arrival.

Bollinger byrd proved to be a woman after my own heart, who loved to play with boys' toys and boys. I don't know which one of us was least contained, as we waited to play Spin the Bottle! Liz bought me a great birthday present, apparently, but it was so good that she took it home again, along with my prospective gardener, and I haven't caught sight of either of them since. I had no idea that he was a doctor and that she was a nurse, until she mentioned it, of course.

Working mum had a terrible reaction to the spam sandwiches. If she'd been born into a working class family, in the 50s, she would have been much more accomplished in the art of keeping them down, of course. A mother's place is in the wrong sang 'Happy Birthday' very tunefully and turned out to be a 'wow', when it came to jiving. She certainly doesn't need any lessons in putting jelly away, either!

Mob bought me a nice hula hoop and dealt expertly with the rude young lad, who pulled away her chair, as she was about to sit down, whilst we were playing Musical Chairs. We all admired her frilly knickers and we are hoping to buy the same style for ourselves from M&S, or was it Anne Summers? I couldn't help but notice that mob was sporting a new hat, on her departure. It bore a remarkable resemblance to my own. I did hear that there had been some sort of altercation between mob and Debs. It was something to do with a hat and mob getting jelly in her hair. Hmmm...... Wonder what that was all about?

Milla bought me a nice present. It was a remarkably familiar jewellery roll, wrapped in remarkably familiar birthday paper and she simply refused to remind me of the date of her next birthday, oddly enough. Rose tagged along with Liz and I was very pleased to see her, in spite of the din she made with her creaky knees. She had recently enjoyed an un-birthday, which could be a very interesting concept, I thought. After the age of say, 55, we could start subtracting a year, instead of adding one.

Auntiegwen bought me St Trinians DVDs for my birthday, which pleased me immensely, as Joyce Grenfell, an idol of mine, appeared in the original St Trinians films. Nora observed that none of the bloggers had behaved particularly well, during the party, which they didn't, of course, but they were extremely entertaining and certainly made the occasion memorable! Nora suggested frying up spam, in butter, to make it more enjoyable. If only my mother had known about that idea in the 50s.!

Robin brought along a little whine to the party. There was plenty of wine for everyone, but I was forced to run all the way to Tesco Express and back, to buy some ice cream to accompany her cake! I was very pleased when edward decided to come along to my party. He bought me some lovely candles, but, unfortunately, there weren't enough to put on my cake, even though he had found it necessary to hire a trailer to transport them.

I think I can safely say that aims was easily the most excited out of everyone. She was totally confused by Pin the Tail on the Donkey and I still don't know where she found the donkey. I haven't heard of anyone complaining of a missing donkey, around here, so far. I'm still cleaning up bits of cake, which she spread around everywhere, but at least she enjoyed herself. That's the main thing.

I was very relieved, in the end, that grit gave me perfume sludge for my birthday. It was definitely preferable to the funeral wreath, which is her other speciality, apparently. I didn't have to bother clearing away any of the leftover food, as she took most of it with her. She's certainly not backward in coming forward, as my mother often observes of people. Misskris startled me considerably, by turning up several hours early for the party. It's very easy to forget that some bloggers may be in different time zones. I was very pleased that she remembered to call back, however, and bring a birthday hug.

Suburbia arrived a little late and cheerfully polished off the remaining food. She helped me to eat the yummy chocolates which she had bought for ME, but we never found out who had taken her party bag, I'm afraid. Merry weather was too late for any food. She also bought some lovely chocolates with her and we partied, together, until the Hell's Angels turned up. I'm saving the story of what we got up to with the Hell's Angels for another time.

I was very pleased when mignon called in. She indulged in her favourite pastime of chasing the boys, but I'm relieved to say that, on this occasion, she only lost her sunglasses. Debra overdid it with the babychams and I'm still trying to get the stain out of the carpet. She very astutely realised that I must have been an Enid Blyton fan, in my youth, and bought me a set of Mallory Towers books for my birthday. I can't imagine what gave her the impression that I might still be an escapist!

Scrappysue was kind enough to call in and I'm pleased to report that she very much enjoyed herself, along with the party food, games and music. Wakeupandsmellthecoffee was too late for the party this year, unfortunately, but is determined to be in time for the next one. I'll have to make sure that she is. I am relieved to be able to say that frog kindly offered to email virtual party bags to maggie may and suburbia, after theirs mysteriously went missing.

Now.......... The only thing left to discuss seems to be the disappearance of my best hat. Do you remember some years ago, when the odd garden gnome would suddenly go missing from someones front garden and then send postcards to the house owners from all over the world? I have received the following postcards from my hat:

Dear Mean Mom
Having a great time, here in the UK. Enjoying good weather and great food. See you soon.

Dear Mean Mom
Having a great time, here in France. Saw the Eiffel Tower, today and the weather's great. Eating lots of scrummy jelly.

Dear Mean Mom
Having a great, relaxing time at this wonderful spa. May be home soon, though, because the money is running out!

Thanks, once more, to everyone, who came along to my virtual party. I hope that I haven't offended anyone with this post. It certainly wasn't my intention! The commenting, on the party blog, outshone the post, as usual. but I don't mind in the least, being a showcase for your imaginative and inspired remarks. Any strangers calling by, who haven't a clue what's going on here, should see the previous post, the post entitled '1950s Virtual Birthday Party' and READ THE COMMENTS associated with both. I should warn you, however, that you may remain in a confused condition.

Here's to the next party! Please excuse me, now, whilst I go in search of a darkened room! I may be gone for some time!


Debra in France said...

How lovely to read a full account of the party. I didn't get to see everyone, actually I didn't get to see alot of people I was too pissed on Babycham to see much at all. The food was delish though - sorry some of it landed on the floor.

I think we should all get together for a summer bbq, perhaps over here in France?

Mean Mom said...

debra - It was a very full account of the party! I'm worn out, now. Bbq at your place sounds fine to me!

Maggie May said...

You put a lot into that party & we all had an enjoyable time! Also enjoyed reading your memories of it. I must say that I am surprised that you remember anything at all, because you got through some wine!!!!!!! Well we all did! Not surprised you had to shut yourself into a darkened room! Thanks for asking me!

Grit said...

well what a splendid party mean mom, i hope you have another birthday soon. you could have a party to celebrate the summer solstice. i think it is next week or so. could we put the antlers on our heads again for that?

Suburbia said...

It was a truly amazing party and tears were rolling down my face when I was reading all the comments on your birthday!

It was such a fab idea and it is my birthday soon but I would never be able to host such a fantastic event! Thanks so much for a great time

Suburbia :)

PS Thanks for visiting mine, I have something more interesting than photos on it now!

Liz said...

I have that problem with photos and spacing too.

Glad you enjoyed your party. It really was lovely to see everyone having such a good time.

Your prospective gardener says hi. He has very capable hands you know ...

MissKris said...

I've found if I insert graphics/photos first, then write my entry, the spacing USUALLY works, ha! I know I arrived early for your 'virtual' party but I'd probably be a straggler coming to a 'real' one, what with flight delays at most airports along the way! I'm glad you had such a lovely party and I'm sure all of us were thrilled to take part in it. We went to a surprise party for one of Dear Hubby's cousins on Sunday and we pulled it off...I've never seen ANYONE so surprised! And so touched...she'd just been diagnosed with esophageal cancer this past week and it's so advanced the prognosis isn't good. If you would, please pray for her and her two grown sons and grandkids.

Working mum said...

Great summary of the party! LOL at the postcards from the hat!

btw I've had problems with spacing on my posts. I find I have to log out and in again and then it's right. Maybe someone should tell them at blogger?

Mean Mom said...

maggie - You will never know how much I had to put in to that party!! I just can't give in, once I've started something! Glad you had a good time.

Mean Mom said...

grit - What a good idea! A summer solstice party! I think that we should all meet up at Stonehenge. You wear your antlers, by all means!

suburbia - Maybe you weren't around for my 'Party' post, dated 9April and 'The Party's Over' dated 14 April. If you enjoyed the comments attached to the 1950s one, you will also enjoy the comments on those 2, if ever you have a couple of minutes spare to read them.

When is your birthday? It was really nice to have people calling in throughout the day to wish me a happy birthday etc and I would certainly do the same for you, if I knew when to do it. Just mention it in a few of your posts!

Something more interesting than photos? Oooh! Sounds good!

liz - Blogger really drives me crazy, sometimes. It does the most unexpected things.

Mmmm! The gardener sounds like fun! I'm beginning to believe he exists!

misskris - Yes, I usually put the photos in first, but then I have a problem with the spacing. I wonder if it is something to do with my particular template? I should try doing the text first, I suppose.

You're right about the flight delays. I really dislike almost every aspect of travelling by plane, to be honest.

Sorry about your husband's cousin. I will pray for the family, of course.

working mum - Glad someone mentioned the postcards. You need to have devoured the comments to understand what I'm getting at, as you've realised.

That's interesting about the spacing. I will try logging in and out, next time. I seem to remember that the lack of spacing continued into the next post, on one occasion, though. I will look around on blogger, to see if I can find a name to complain to. I have tried the forum before, but that often leads to really outdated advice, which is no longer relevant.

Robin said...

I think I saw your hat catching a throwed roll. I could be wrong though.

Rose said...

I can so relate to your problems with spacing; half the time I get so frustrated after correcting it several times, I just give up and publish it as is. And there has to be an easier way to upload photos.

Thanks for being so hospitable to an uninvited guest. Had I known I was coming, I would have brought a better gift. I think I missed out on some of the antics you described, though; at my age I sometimes doze off in the middle of things.

farming-frenchstyle said...

I just admire your ability to add graphics and photos. My kids gip when I ask them to help me, so no pictures sadly.

auntiegwen said...

Thanks for having me at your party, sorry for any misbehaviour, you see I have children and I don't get out much. I get overgiddy when I'm with grown ups !!!

Think I might have a punk party for my birthday in August ! can you imagine our gang in safety pins and bondage gear !!!!!

Mean Mom said...

robin - Lol! Nothing would surprise me! It's not back home, yet!

rose - I generally have to give up with the spacing, on blogger, after photos, too.

It's great to have uninvited guests, on my blog. I wouldn't have minded a few more! I know what you mean about dozing. I sometimes enjoy a few mnutes after lunch. I can remember my mother doing the same thing, when I was a youngster!

farming-frenchstyle - It's such a shame that no-one will help you with photos! It wouldn't take very long! It doesn't take long to upload them etc, but it can take a while to get them in the right place. Then, of course, there may be a spacing problem. Oh, on second thoughts, it's probably better not to even try it. It can be so frustrating!

auntiegwen - We all need to let off steam, occasionally! We used to not go out much because of our lads being young, and, now, we don't go out much, because we can't afford it!

A punk party sounds like fun! I was too old to be a punk! Sob!

merry weather said...

You are a hoot! Here's to the next party - please put my name down now. I feel your parties will soon be referred to as "legendary"...

I always thought of blogger as a kind of virtual coffee bar - but wasn't sure how to work that thought... THEN I MET YOU! Great stuff, from one escapist to another :) Very well done.

And I love the hat's tour, what will it get up to next I wonder...

Jules said...

I have to tell you....... I was there too. In fact i posted a lovely post.... all about how some rude soul in a sticky jellied hat bumped into me as I was knocking at your door. This made me drop the huge bowl of chocolate truffles I had lugged along. They then proceeded to roll around on your front step and bounce haphazardly down your garden path tripping all and sundry who were danced merrily about in your garden.

I ran around in a daze trying to stop a rowdy bunch of people from tripping and slipping over the goodies. So if you saw squished chocolate truffles scattered all over the next morning, it was because I tried to find your gardener, but came up empty.

I had heard that hats were a popular item at the do as well, so I brought you one. That seems to have virtually vanished in the malay as well.

But I was there....... truly. And I did post. But drat. Blogger must have had it in for me and my virtual presence was virtually banished.

Happy birthday (it was on time, but now a bit late). *sigh* :)

Dusty Spider said...

I thought so, you didn't spot me at your party did you! We parked the caravan down the end of the garden like last time. I brought some cucumber sandwiches and a nice jam sponge and left a present for you on the hall table. Did you find it? What a great party! 'im indoors fell in the pond. Can't take him anywhere! Hope your lilies survived and oh, sorry about the squashed frog. See you next year! Bye for now. Flick xx

Mean Mom said...

merry weather - Oh dear, now I have a reputation to live up to! It's all downhill from here, then! I'll have to start thinking hard!

The virtual party really was great fun. People were very kind and 'dropped in' throughout the day, with comments. I would recommend it, to anyone!

I hoped that someone would 'pick up' on the hat's disappearance, but it was even better than I could have hoped for. I spent the whole day giggling at people's comments.

Mean Mom said...

jules - I did think it was rather strange for you to miss a party and I wondered where you were! I'm so sorry that your comment didn't appear. I didn't see one from you, at all, but it was such a nice surprise to find several from you, this evening! (I've spent a couple of days away, because of a family event.)

Thanks for the chocolate truffles, anyway. I wondered where they had come from. We are all such chocoholics, that we scraped them up off the garden path and ate them, anyway! You can't waste good chocolate.

Thanks so much for the hat! I suppose it sent me one of the postcards, but I wonder which one? Thanks again for your happy birthday wishes!

dusty spider - So glad that you made it to the party, after all! I was quite disappointed when I realised that you might be missing! The food you brought was great and thanks for the present. I wondered where it came from.

I think your husband must have had too much shandy! These men never know when to stop. I did hear a bit of a splash, now I think about it. The lilies are fine. Don't worry about the frog. We have plently of others!

Frog in the Field said...

Another excellent post!
Thanks for plugging my website

Mean Mom said...

frog - Thanks! It's a pleasure!

aims said...

Gosh - I'm still recovering!

A great time had by all and I'm looking forward to next year!

btw - I sold the donkey and got three beans for it...go figure!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

It's great to read a full account of the party - we were all so excited. Sorry about the jelly, I just can't resist it. Margot xx
PS. What a well-travelled hat you have - or had!

Mean Mom said...

aims - Glad you had a good time and the beans sound very interesting!

a mother's place - I have a weakness for jelly, too! Yes, I'm still awaiting hat's return!

the mother of this lot said...

I am utterly bereft! A 50's party....and I missed it!! I am too heartbroken to read about it, but I can guaratee I won't miss the next one!

Mean Mom said...

the mother of this lot - The party was a last minute, hurried affair, but I'm sorry you missed it, too. I'll make sure you don't miss the next one.

Bollinger Byrd said...

It has to be said that it was without doubt the best virtual party I've ever been to.... whada yer mean it's the only one... don't tell everyone or they'll know how sad you are!!!

Mean Mom said...

bollinger byrd - There's a lot to be said for a virtual party! No mess, and it doesn't cost anything! I think they may become fashionable!

Nora said...

I had to move my blog. I hope you'll come and see me. Love, Nora.


Mean Mom said...

nora - Yes, of course I will come and see you! It's becoming difficult to keep up with you, these days! So many changes!