Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Awards At The Palace

Mean Mom's Palace, London SW1

9 July 2008

Queen Mean Mom is graciously pleased to signify her intention of conferring several honours of Bloggerhood upon her Favourite Bloggers. See list in sidebar for eligibility.

Welcome to the Palace! The Duke sends his apologies for his absence, but, as you can see from the Palace window, he has other other, rather pressing, matters to attend to, due to the Palace gardener being laid off with his lumbago!

The following awards have come into my possession, over the last few months:

The first (from left to right) was presented to me by the mother of this lot, the second by maggie may, the third and fourth by jules and the last one by liz and suburbia.

It gives me great pleasure, today, to bestow the awards on you, my favourite bloggers. Please accept any of the awards, which you do not already have, with my thanks for your services to the world of blogging.

The final award originated from Crystall at Memoirs of a Mommy, who has requested that anyone receiving the award should link it to this post on her site. I would be grateful if you could oblige.

I do so hope that you have all enjoyed your visit to the Palace, but I'm afraid that I will have to hurry you along, now, (before I'm discovered and arrested for impersonating a member of the Royal Family) as I have to walk the royal corgis, before peeling the royal potatoes for tea. Please do not forget to curtsey, or bow, as appropriate, before leaving quietly, via my private stairway, to avoid photographers. (Please leave quietly, by the fire escape, to avoid attracting attention to yourselves.)

Oh, no! There seems to be some sort of disturbance at the Palace gates and I hear footsteps thundering up the royal staircase!

Who are you? Unhand me! I am so not impersonating the Queen! Take your hands off my royal person and mind my tiara! I shall lose my deposit on that, if I don't get it back to the shop in one piece, by tomorrow! You're taking me where?

Who said 'Off with her head!'? Nobody's been beheaded in this country since 1747! (Never let it be said that my site isn't informative.)

What's up with you lot? The slightest mention of beheading and I can't see your backsides for dust. Where are you all going? Oh, you have to be on the front row, to get good photos on your mobiles? Oh, okay, then. See you there!

Could this be the end, for Mean Mom?