Monday, 3 November 2008

Tagged Again!

Suburbia, you've very kindly given me an award, but tagged me again! You know that these things bring out the worst in me and that I can't resist them. Do you think that maybe I've got multiple personality disorder?

This one has a '7's theme:

7 Things I plan to do before I die:

Finish my ironing

Pluck that stray hair out of my chin

Have another brazilian

Have sex with Russell Brand and make sure I give him my grandfather's home telephone number

Moon my next door neighbour

Get drunk and have sex on the beach in Dubai

My pelvic floor exercises

7 Things I do now:

Blog when I should be ironing

Wear a very large hat to distract attention from the stray hair on my chin

Shampoo, condition, apply a little mousse, followed by a blow dry and a bit of hair lacquer to keep everything tidy down there

Have sex with anyone who professes to love me for my mind

Moon my next door neighbour as soon as he turns his back

Have sex on the beach in Brighton. It 's so cold that there's nobody around to bother

Carry a spare pair, in case of little accidents

7 Things I can't do:

Sit like this. It hurts my left knee, lately

Stand up after sitting like this, these days

Turn on the tap, after middle son has turned it off

Play the piano

Read without my glasses and a good light

Limbo without something dragging on the floor

Get my size 8 jeans past my ankles

7 things that attract me in the opposite sex:

A beard

A reluctance to discard anything because it might come in useful in 10 years' time and save us 20p

Total lack of enthusiasm for diy

The desire to spend thousands on a holiday, when the house is falling apart

Ability to love me even when I'm in the menopause

Loving my sons as much as I do

Sharing my silly sense of humour

Well, that was unbelievably lucky, then! Fortunately, I found my perfect match!

7 things I say most often:

Middle son, can you turn up your music? My brain isn't vibrating against the sides of my skull, yet

Can you use more towels? I haven't got enough for 5 full loads, yet

I've had to write you a message on a piece of paper today, instead of scrawling one, with my finger, on the top of the dining room table, because I've dusted

I know where I've put that

I'm just going for a 5 mile run, before I do my pelvic floor exercises

I wish that my tummy would stick out a bit. It's so flat

Will you make more mess in the house? There's nowhere near enough

7 Celebrities that I admire

Well, I don't exactly admire them, but I do admire their ability to convince certain people that they should be rewarded for not a lot, or for just being obnoxious, arrogant, or irritating

Russell Brand

Jonathan Ross

Jade Goody

Jeremy Clarkson

Jodie Marsh

Liz Hurley

Tara Palmer Tomkinson

7 Favourite foods

Burnt toast

Burnt sausage

Lumpy gravy

Lumpy custard

Meat overcooked

Soggy veg

Soggy pastry

Luckily I can whip up all of the above in no time at all!

7 Bloggers who need to do this:

Well, I don't really mind who does it - anyone can, who fancies it, but I'd like to pass on the award to the following:


dusty spider

maggie may

merry weather




If any of the above would like to do the tag, I will be over to read it, of course!


The Boisterous Butterfly-by said...

As usual, you are full of wit and dry humor and you do put a grin on my face. Your family must have an awful lot of fun with you around. You must practice on them often. Congratulations on your award, it seems to be a slow season for them. You don´t see many of them coming around any more.

Maggie May said...

Aw....... mean Mum....... many thanks for the award.
"WHEN" my son can help me get it into the award slide show thingummy on my blog...... I will put it on display and hopefully pass it on. I am most honoured.
Will give the meme a pass this time, I think! My draft folder is bulging with stuff to go into print. Most unusual.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

You made me laugh out loud MM, and before breakfast too! So sorry it has taken me so long to catch up (puff, puff, out of breath noises).
I'll just have to try harder. M :-)

Mean Mom said...

the boisterous butterfly-by - I am thrilled if I can bring even the vaguest of smiles to anyone's face. I think that I go too far, sometimes, but I get fed up of behaving myself, and it's good to let myself go, on occasions. People are free to move on to the next blog, in disgust, at any time! (I would hope not, though, of course!)

When I had my last awards ceremony, I think that you were not receiving them, at that time, so you probably missed out. If you are receiving them, again, please feel free to take any of mine that you fancy, including the last one. You are a worthy recipient of any, or all of them, as far as I am concerned!

As a family we have always teased and 'mocked' each other. I wouldn't like to give the impression that we haven't also had rows and bad times, though, - we have!

Mean Mom said...

maggie may - It's a pleasure! Those slide shows are impressive. Must have a closer look at 'how to do it'. They save a bit of space, too.

Mean Mom said...

a mother's place - I'm so glad that I cheered someone up! What a dreadful day it was here, yesterday. Freezing, gloomy and dark early. Thanks so much for all of the comments, on all of those posts! What a lovely surprise! LOL!

Liz said...

I do believe you have told one or two tiny little fibs there, mm.

Suburbia said...

Wonderful!! Sometimes I do take life far too seriously ......until I come over to yours!!

Thanks fro playing
Sub x

Robin said...

Mean Mom, you crack me up. Of course I will take on the challenge. Just give me a couple days. We have a big election of here (don't know if you heard) and my boys are off of school and I must stand in line to make sure my vote is cast.

Mean Mom said...

suburbia - But yours was from the heart, truthful and honest and your personality shone through!

Mean Mom said...

liz - Moi? Be less than truthful? Surely not!

Mean Mom said...

Even I have heard that you are voting for your next president! The run up's been going on forever, hasn't it? I may not be staying up for the result, but best of luck!

auntiegwen said...

Thanking you kindly for another award.

I'm doing my tags as we speak but the 7 things I like in a man is proving rather tricky...

but it will be done, I promise xxx

blogthatmama said...

MM you really do brighten up a drizzly autumn day, what I would give to see your neighbour turn round a bit too fast and glimpse that famous Brazilian!! Thanks very much for the award and the great laugh as always.. Blogthatmamax

Mean Mom said...

auntiegwen - Another award? Are we spoiling you?

7 things you like in a man is nigh on impossible, isn't it? Perhaps you should reduce it to just the one, or maybe you could do '7 things you hate'?

No rush!

blogthatmama - I'm so glad that I've brightened your day. It's so nice to know! I suppose I'll just have to wait until the day one of us moves out, before I really moon my next door neighbour! I can wait.

Grit said...

you make me laugh out loud mean mom! just with your inspiration i would moon at the neighbours, but we get on with them quite well, so that might be a bad move.

auntiegwen said...

No sweetie, I meant that you gave me one before, always gratefully received !

I've done mine, Calvinist work ethic and all that ! or it was the thought of yet another lesson plan that focused my mind ! xx

Maggie May said...

Just came back to have another look at the meme and thought it very funny, especially the sex on Brighton beach and the strange shape your legs are when sitting down on the floor. I would NEVER get up again if I did that!
Are you really as funny as this all the time?

Mean Mom said...

grit - There must be somebody you don't like that you could moon at, surely? You're just not trying hard enough to take a dislike to someone!

We had good neighbours in our last house. Our current neighbours leave a bit to be desired, unfortunately.

auntiegwen - Oh, of course I did! Not that I'm counting, you understand. OK, coming over.

maggie may - LOL! Now, who let on that my legs are a funny shape? Have my lads been secretly blogging on my blog?

I am SO annoyed that I can no longer sit in my favourite position. I've often sat on the floor, with my legs splayed out, since childhood, but, now, if I sit in that position for a few minutes or so, I can't straighten my legs to stand up!! Oh, I'm so old!

I like to 'have a laugh' and sometimes, on my blog, too. I think that I would probably get a slap from someone, if I was funny all of the time! Sometimes I am sad, or even depressed (Yes, Monday comes to mind. A miserable, dark day) and sometimes I feel irritable. Menopause doesn't help, of course!

Milla said...

great lists, nice and bossy. And love the cheating photos beneath - though you'll have to be careful you don't use the same sky, heh he.

Mean Mom said...

milla - Thanks! Yes, at one point, I could only find one decent sky, so the photos had to be a good way apart on my digital frame!

Rose said...

I've learned a whole new side of you, Mean Mom! I can relate to so much of what you say, except I have NEVER owned a pair of size 8 jeans. Well, maybe when I was 12:)

Oh, and had I known my husband didn't believe in discarding anything either--like keeping receipts from 30 years ago just in case the IRS wants to audit those taxes--I might have had second thoughts!

(The word verification is flabyout--did you plan this??)

Mean Mom said...

rose - Well, now I'm just scared in case you've believed the wrong bits!

I have had to face the fact that I will never again fit into my size 8 jeans. (Sob!)

Noooo! Not receipts! My husband has a drawer full, but I don't think that even his go back that far.

I certainly can influence the word verification! I am terribly technical in that way, you know! (I wish)

merry weather said...

Hello, I'm here at last MM, sorry to be late! Here you are in the middle of giving online yoga classes! You're great. Guess what? I have the same socks!

And I also have similar knee troubles. It gets worse after wearing high heels, they get tender and grumpy - the knees that is, not the heels. I can sympathise with you.

Thank you for the tag! That will be fun :). I shall drop by and tell you when I've done it.

Mooning at the neighbours eh! They must be annoying, rotten luck. (Whispers - will there be photos of that??)

Thanks again!

Mean Mom said...

merry weather - The same socks? Oh, I knew you had taste!

I am quite worried about my pains in various places. Both my mother and father have arthritis and now I have it in the base of my thumbs and my hands. I suspect I must also have it in my left knee and sometimes my left ankle is painful, too. Depressing!

LOL! There will be photos of me mooning the neighbours, on the day that hell freezes over! Oh, I don't know, though, you've set me thinking. That's just so tempting...

Robin said...

Okay Mean Mom, come on over and read mine!

the mother of this lot said...

Short of towels? You mean the ones which have been used only for a nanosecond before being consigned to the washing basket?

Come round here - I'll help fill your washing machine!

Mean Mom said...

robin - OK, coming over!

mother of this lot - Yes, those are the ones I mean! Thanks so much for yours! I'm never happier than when I'm washing towels, you know!

MarmiteToasty said...

To dam funny lol


aims said...

Your sense of humour brought a smile to this tear-stained face. Thank you!