Saturday, 8 March 2008

For Maggie May

I've not been well, you know. It was definitely something more than a cold, which struck me down so ferociously just before Christmas. It was more of a devastating mystery illness. I was so tired that I could not stay awake and I was stricken by a depression which seemed endless.

I didn't see my doctor. What do these youngsters know anyway? My doctor is not much older than my youngest son. What could he have learned in his 5 years at medical school to compare with my lifetime's experience of illness?? He would not have known what was wrong with me. I knew that I had something terminal. I acknowledged that I would be lucky to last until Christmas!

I was most grateful for the sympathy and support I received from my family throughout the period of my suffering, however.

On one occasion, as I lay on the sofa, weak and sweating profusely, my middle son murmured sympathetically 'Mom, could you iron this shirt, ready for tomorrow, please?'

A few days later, as I lay prostrate on the kitchen floor, where I had collapsed on my way to the kettle, my eldest son stepped over me, on his way to the cereal cupboard. 'Have we really run out of cereal?' he asked in a voice full of tenderness and concern.

A few seconds after my son's kind enquiry, I struggled to make myself a cup of tea and dragged myself back across the living room carpet, on one elbow, in the general direction of my temporary invalid's retreat. Clutching the remains of my tea in my trembling hand, I lowered my ravaged body to the refuge of the sofa's soft and all-enveloping embrace. 'They'll miss me when I'm gone' I muttered darkly, as I ruefully surveyed the telling trail of tea stains I had left in my wake, on the neutral-coloured carpet.


Maggie May said...

Oh, I am honoured to read a post just for me. I am SO pleased that you have recovered. These wretched viruses are devastating! Depression is one of the worst things you can suffer from.
I liked your style right from the word go!
Here's to future blogging!

Mean Mom said...

Thanks for your kind comment maggie may. I am working on some more blogs, but I fear it may be too late for a comeback. Never mind - blogging to yourself is still a kind of release!

Maggie May said...

Its not too late to get back what you had. Go to the old blog sites & drop them a line & let them know you are back. I will say something in my next post.

Mean Mom said...

Thanks maggie may. I've already made a start, trying to catch up with those blogs I used to read.

Maggie May said...

Hello again, I have left you some flowers on my post if you'd like to collect them!
I couldn't get them on my blog without the help of my son!

I don't know about anyone else, but I couldn't write a post in 10 mins either. I usually settle down in a chair with a note book & write by hand.By the time it gets on line it is very much altered from the original.

softinthehead said...

Welcome back to the land of the living. I kept checking in but all I got was your best side!! Keep on blogging - you were missed.

Mean Mom said...

Maggie May Oooh thanks! As you can see, I have never had to collect anything from anyone's site before. I didn't know what to do! It's obvious now I've worked it out!!

softinthehead Sorry about my best backside. All the same, I wish I could get that picture into my profile! It's nice to be missed. Thanks for your kind comment.

Swearing Mother said...

Woo-hoo you're back, albeit not having been very well.

So glad to read you again Mean Mom, I've been back several times to check on you and have a good laugh at that photo.

Sounds like you had a dose of post-viral fatigue. Rest, rest and more rest is my prescription for you my girl, even if everyone has to step over you for a bit.

Mean Mom said...

swearing mother - I was sooo excited when I saw that you had left me a comment! Do you think I need to get out more?

Rest - I like the sound of that. Good advice.