Sunday, 30 September 2007

Letting Go

I can hardly believe that the day has actually arrived. In 12 hours time we will be on our way to take my youngest son to university.

I am reminded of the occasion when we took our middle son to start university, in the same area, a few years ago. We parked the car, and headed, with all of the other families to the reception area. As we walked, my husband said in a low voice "Did you see that poor woman, in the car parked next to ours?" When I replied that I did not, he continued "She was lying in the back seat, sobbing." It is something that I have never forgotten.

I am easily moved to tears, of late. Something to do with the menopause, and hormones, I assume. Please let me keep my dignity, today. Please don't let me be the mother who is weeping so much that she has to hide in the car.

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